Saturday, January 07, 2006

staying alone in the house, not knowing how should i feel. happy cos it is christmas? sad cos of what's going in the world? excited to see my friends? doubtful of what's next? i feel like too much things going on that at the end, i end up with nothing. very weird.
since last time i posted here, many times i wanted to write, about different things, but each time, i just kept silence.
i wanted to write about the last year, from my point of view, but it is difficult to write in few words a whole year. i had bad and good moments but i think that i'll only remember the good moments. i can't say it was my best year ever, but i know that i had great time and i'm thankful for it. the most important is to pass from one phase to another. when studying at univ or even at school, i know what i'll be doing the next year, but after this phase, it is like being lost in the middle, with too many roads to walk in. i guess that's the major thing. also starting my career and working life, and also my personal life.
i thought to talk about my hopes and wishes for the new year but i found that it is not about wishing that peace prevails or that no more disasters and people dying, or even that everything is just perfect. what i really wish for is that i don't lose what i've gained so far, friendship, love, family. maybe it sounds a little bit selfish, but i think that we can never stop the bad things from happening in the world so this time i wish for little things that i can do my best to keep.
i know that i did a lot of mistakes in my life, i wish i learn from them and don't repeat those mistakes and most important, i learnt that being honest and true is the best way even if painful.
so, now what? i think that i'll hit the publish button and that's it :)
i wish to everybody merry christmas and happy feast.

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