Monday, January 09, 2006


my parents decided to buy tools for painting and to start painting. i'm sure that they won't do it much, but who knows.
my grandmother paints beautiful paintings. i think she inspired my parents to take this step and try for fun.
i used to draw when i was a kid, i liked drawing everything. i think i began first to color with crayola. i still remember my dad teaching me to draw a table in 3 dimensions (i was 5 years old). At school, each day or week one of the girls has the chance to go and draw a big painting with water colors like painters. one day it was my turn and i was so happy and excited about it, and i drew the famous table. i had the idea to color it green, and also the background i made it green but light green (putting more water with the color so it becomes lighter) and it was really nice but.... the teacher was angry and yelled at me cos both background and table were green, though there was a difference between the 2 colors and the table was clear. i was so so sad, cos it wasn't fair.
anyway after this period of drawing, i began to draw cartoons character (copying) and i was good at it though there is no creation in that. then i remember in the boring classes, i used to draw anything on the books (usually arabic books), small writings, small things.. etc
and now, i don't think that i take much time to draw, i don't know why. i guess getting old makes the person forget a lot of things... but i know this is not an excuse..
i think after writing this, i'll look for my colors :)

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