Sunday, January 15, 2006

ordinary day

i wake up early to go to work, i just can't believe how i managed to wake up at 6am though i slept around 2am (it's too late for me).
my mom thought it would be very cold and told me to wear heavy cloth.
my friend called me just before i leave home to tell me that she might be late a little so that the bus driver waits for her. she managed to arrived on time. we talked all the way to the work (in smart village). it reminded me the old school days when i used to take the bus but the trip was longer. spending time on the bus make u do a lot of things, sleeping if needing to sleep, read, talk, even play (when i was little not now) or sing (when going on a trip). even riding the car with friends gives time to know them more.
i arrived at work and it was nice to meet people again after one week off, also it was nice cos some were travelling from work and arrived.
one hour left and i'll be leaving which is good cos i don't have something else to do today.. that's why i'm posting here :)
sometimes just the small ordinary things can make the person feel good.

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