Tuesday, January 24, 2006

a nice surprise

i was chatting with a friend and asked me if i would like to go to volunteer and i said yes i can, then he made me to join conversation with another friend and after a while, i discovered that we were in the same school, and that i was responsable of her team (jk) in an activity at school (jtc) about 6 years ago...
wow, time passes so quickly. i still remember her and the team, they were 10 girls in 1st preparatory, i was in 3rd secondary, 1st time for me to be jk in jtc and it was a difficult team...
so after all these years, finding out what she's doing in life (now in univ) and what she turned to be, makes me so happy.
it is difficult to see directly what we do to the youngers and what effect we make in their lives, but sure everyething we do directly or indirectly affect other lives ( even writing in a blog :) ).

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