Sunday, January 29, 2006


it was my 1st ever football match to attend live, but not the 1st time to enter a football stadium.
i was impressed. overall it was a nice experience though i'm not a big fan of soccer. it's totally different to assist a live match than to watch on tv. u don't feel bored at all, u hear all kind of cheers...
i was in the 3rd class cos there were no tickets available for the 2nd, but i didn't feel that there was any difference. we went earlier but already at 4pm it was so crowded to enter. the electronic gate didn't work or was too slow so they opened the normal gate, but this was en exception.

some of things i liked:
when the national antheme of cote d'ivoire was played, some people were whisteling (which i didn't like at all) the guy beside me, stood up for respect.
at some moment, some guys made bad signs with their hands for the cote d'ivoire fans who were seating under us, but other guys told them to stop it.
hearing the cheers and making the wave (i've experienced the wave thing before).
holding my big pink hand and waving.
and of course.. winning :)

some of things i didn't like:
the big screens don't show the match during the play.
they start the match without a notice.. after few seconds, i just noticed that the players are playing.

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  1. You've done one of the staff I always dreamed of doing. I always dreamed of attending a soocer for the national team and it does win. :D