Thursday, January 12, 2006

old letter

i decided to arrange a little in my room, to get rid of old things i don't need... and i found this old letter, i wrote it about 6 years ago... i don't remember why i wrote it, i just remember that i've received an email from a friend that was send to me and other people, and a discussion began. i don't remember what was on the email but here is what i send as a reply. i thought to share it with u so hear it is.

Hellooo everybody

the last few days i kept receiving emails from u so i decided to say my opinion though i don't know all of u.

I won't talk about the picture or faith or God but about something that some people miss it, thinking. The person should try to think to understand even if he feels that by this way he keeps asking himself questions he can't answer them. Hiding away in life in general is not a solution, el donia mosh mozakra we as7ab we shoghl we bas.. I'm not saying that we should leave everything and just think but at least trying to ask some questions and find answers for them even if we don't find those answers is something very important for growing and understanding. we are not just people that follow orders and rhythm of life.. what life would be without philosophers and inventors? people zaman didn't believe what they were saying and didn't want to hear them so they were putting them in jails to get rid of them so no one will think and not thinking is the easiest solution but not the best one.
I must confess that i don't do this a lot of times and sometimes my dad asks me something very confusing and i don't know how to answer so i say ma3rafsh or ana mosh fadya to think about that issue but i know this is not the right solution and at least i'm trying to do it.

The other thing i wanted to say is 7oreyet el kalam. i know el kalam mosh beyenfa3 ketir cos most of the time what is done is done and mahma 2olt mafish 7aga 7atetghayar bas 3ala el a2al el wa7ed bey7ess enoh 3amal 7aga we maw2efsh saket men gheir ma ya3mel ay 7aga.. ana garabt dah we 2abl keda fi mawkef we 7asset bel reda.

ana asfa law tawelt 3alekom ketir awy fi el kalam,
bye for now


  1. ideas build and destroy, when they destroy; at least they leave space for better things to come from the old corrupt things

    is it good to think all the time?

    I don't know, but relief and thinking rarely meets

  2. I completely agree with you Froggy, but what I found most important is the implementation of our thoughts in our real life. Because with implementation, thoughts are died phylosphy that will do no good.

  3. to free soul:
    it is true that relief and thinking rarely meets but... why in the first place we have the ability to think??
    maybe it is not good to think all the time but i just can't believe people who do anything without think even for one sec why they do it in the first place. if people don't fear to think or question, the world would be definitly better and even if ideas could destroy, others will have ideas to rebuild.

    to the eyewitness:
    i agree with u that it is important to apply the thoughts in real life but first let people think :)

    i know that there are more and more people who dare to think and ask... but i think that there is still more progress to do.