Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The right of killing

I can't imagine that some people think they have the right to kill a human being, regardless of the reason (war,   theft, revenge, race, religion....).
We didn't give life so we can't take it out, as simple as that. No matter what happened, even if it is the worst person on earth, we can't just kill to get rid of.
I can't imagine how come that even if not killing with their own hands, some people actually call for it, or if witnissing it, they just watch calmly.
Where is our humanity? Did our world of technology made us cold blooded?
Why we always look for the killer who carries out the killing with his own hand but we don't look for the spiritual killers?
Why if we can't accept the other who is different, we try to erase his existence spiritually or physically?
Too many questions without an answer, and they will remain as long as more people die everyday...

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