Monday, June 17, 2013

Letters of Joy

A group of JMJ voluntarios (volunteers) decided to create a page on facebook to exchange addresses and each one to pick 5 others (3 international & 2 brazilians) to write them letters. Yes, letters, in the old fashion way.
Yesterday, when back home i discovered 4 letters from Brazil waiting for me. I was so excited to open each one of them. I knew that some had picked my name to write me a letter but to receive all 4 together at the same time was even better. I didn't know the senders in person so it was so cool to read what they have wrote, in English, Portuguese and even one took the trouble to translate a part in arabic just for me!. I felt so special receiving those letters of Joy as i call them. I remembered when i was young, and used to have pen pals from other countries. It is not the same as nowadays where we are almost connected all the time virtually. Reading and writing letters is a different story because it's part of a long process. You actually put effort to write what you have in mind, to choose the paper to write in, to put stamps on the enveloppe and to wait for the answer of your letter. 
I'm happy because i'm making new friends and getting away from the virtual world we are submerged in. At least it's not a fake place where people are just polite enough to write you something on your facebook wall or comment on a status, it's much deeper because it's from the heart.
Well, i think you should all try to write letters and send to your friends the old fashion way, it might be strange but sure it will be somehow exciting!

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