Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Just 2 months left!!!

Yes, it's true! the countdown to Rio is approaching. 2 months from now i'll be away in a new adventure. But this time, it's totally different. Along the way, even way before going there, i'm making new friends from all around the world. It is true that with all the new gadgets and technology we use nowadays, it's easier to find each other and build this bond between us.
Some people decided to welcome us in a different way, sending postcards & letters. Yes, the old fashioned way, writing on a piece of paper, putting in an enveloppe and sending it all the way like the old pen pals days. I remember when i used to write to people i haven't seen before and we became sort of friends.
It's super exciting and can't wait to receive my share from those postcards :)

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