Sunday, May 05, 2013

Rules for Life

Notes before reading:
These rules are applicable anytime, anywhere.
They are not ordered by priority.
These are not the only rules, more to be added as life goes on

Rule #1: Don't think people will treat you the same, so do as it pleases you without waiting for something in return

Rule #2: Don't put high hopes on people so you don't feel hurt or disappointed if they are not up to your expactations. Your standards will always be higher than the actual.

Rule #3: The person that will care the most about you is yourself, so don't waist time in fighting yourself

Rule #4: Be happy if someone texts you or send you a nice greetings online, it means you are still on his/her contact list

Rule #5: Life is too short to waist for nothing, so just start living it

Rule #6: Family are the only people who will love you no matter what. So take the opportunity of any available time, even if little, and spend it with them

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