Saturday, June 22, 2013

Demonstrations and protests

Last week I was in Istanbul, where there was sit-in and demonstrations against the government. I couldn't pass by and see what's going on but the rest of the city was not affected. People go to work, tourists everywhere. The only inconvenience was the heavy rain in the mornings. But still, this doesn't mean that everything is perfect.
At the same time there are demonstrations in Brazil. People are angry because of the cost of the world cup and the lack of money spending on health, education and other important issues.they are asking for their rights not for having something nice like the Worldcup lord the Olympics.
Next week we have in Egypt big demonstrations to protest against the president and the muslim brotherhood due to all what is going on in the past year
3 countries, different reasons but one goal, to change the current situation because people believe things should improve. Some protests are peaceful, others might turn to violence but tais doesn't really matter. What matters is to not only dream of a better place but to actually stand up and make an action. It is time to fight for the world we want, it is time to reunite for one goal which is a better world for us and for the next generations. If we don't fight then nothing will change and could even get worse.
I wish that all the leaders start to realize that they are there to serve the people and if the can't do their job right they should leave it to someone else. It is time for the world to realize that injustice should no longer be tolerated.
I don't know how things will turn out, in Egypt, Brazil or Turkey. But I know that the wind of change is coming whether you like or not.

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