Thursday, July 04, 2013

Egypt is back!!!

I don't know from where to start. I wanted to write earlier about what's happening but things went to quickly that it is over now!
Couple of months ago, a campaign called "tamarod" (rebellion) initiated but young people who believed their voice should be heard started. The call was simple, sign a piece of paper if you no longer wants the president to rule Egypt. This small campaign managed to gather 22 millions signature, which is more than those who elected the president.
There were calls to go on marches on the 30th of June, which marked one year for the rule of Morsi. People started to demonstrate in several places in Cairo and Egypt from the weekend before the 30th. The army already secured the sensitive areas around Cairo and other cities to prevent any problems that might occur.
On the 30th, millions went in the streets in all over Egypt. The number of people demonstrating was much more that those who went in the streets during the revolution in January 2011.

This video taken by army helicopters show the demonstrations in only 2 locations in Cairo, Tahrir Square and the area of the presidential palace (Itihadeya).

The demonstrations were so peaceful, people carrying flags, banners and red cards to expel the president (like in football).

The following day, 1st of July, the army made a statement that the president has 48 hours to solve the issues with the opposition and propose solutions. This step was cheered by protestors. They continued to go in big numbers in the different places.
On my way to Itihadeya, 1 hour after the statement, cars are honking, people with flags, everyone is cheering and so happy. You can see it on their faces, so proud and confident that the end is near.

People are singing the Egyptian national anthem at Itihadeya

There was no word from the presidency to that ultimatum till the following day, 2nd of July. And Morsi came up with a speech, talking about legitimacy and that he is the democratic elected president of Egypt. He forgot that it is the people who give this legitimacy. He forgot that democracy is not just an election but it is a behavior, to include everybody in the decision making and shaping of the country, to listen to the opposition, which he failed to do. He only listened to his clan, to his group of Muslim Brotherhood. He ignored the people and with time, more people were opposing him. He succeeded only to unit everybody else against him and his clan. The speech even was threatening anyone opposing him.
Nevertheless, the protest continued. People didn't give up despite the heat. Many people who never went in any demonstrations actually went during the past few days.

Everybody was anticipating the end of the deadline given by the army on the 3rd of July. Around the afternoon, just after i went to Tahrir square with my family, we heard on the TV that Morsi is under arrest. You can't imagine the joy and jubilation of the crowd at this specific moment, as if we won the world cup. But it was something more and deeper. Everybody passing by telling us "Mabrouk" (congratulations). We were still waiting for the statement of the army but we already knew that it's the people's will that prevailed.

Finally few hours later came the statement of the army after meeting with different political leaders & youth from rebellion campain: suspension of constitutionn, new presidential elections, new government, head of supreme court to assume the role of president temporarly, preparation of new law for parlimantery elections.
This is a day to remember and history is being rewritten.


This proves that the will of people is above all. Egyptians proved that we can change everything peacefully. I actually had faith in the people after the revolution of 25 January 2011. Before that, i thought that people don't care about anything but after the revolution i changed my mind and i knew that the fear of silence is no longer there and no matter who will come to rule us, if he doesn't respect the will of the people, they will not stand in silence. Even if the ruler made everything to stay in power, no one can defy the people any longer. People elected Morsi to satisfy their needs which he failed to do.
This is a clear message to anyone, if you don't respect the will of the people, you should not lead them.
For the foreign media who still think that this is a military coup, i tell them it's a people's revolution.
Finally, i know we still have a long road ahead, we have lot of problems but I believe that no matter what, we will make it at the end. I have faith in Egyptians and i believe now, even those who lost hope along the way, are the first to regain it.


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