Friday, July 05, 2013

Just few thoughts

Let's not spend a lof of time arguing is it a coup or a revolution but think beyond these words. 
These are some of my thoughts and reflections regarding what's going on.

Politics is and will always be a dirty game which is only about power. But we are in a state that we need to look beyond this or else we all will pay a lot.

President role, whomever is, is a big responsibility because he is leading the country. He should listen to everybody and keep his promises.
Morsi did several fatal mistakes in my opinion: the constitutional decree of November, the way of issuing the constitution, his speeches which didn't target all the nation, what happened at Itihadeya, keeping a government that is a big failure, allowing hatred & racial speeches in his presence, way of handling crisis like the Ethiopian dam and finally, the core project of his electoral campaign turned out to be just on papers.
People signed "Tamarod" and went in the streets because he failed in that.
Posts about protests against consititutional decree: Back to streets and Tahrir Square is back

SCAF (Supreme Council of Armed Forces) did a lot of mistakes while ruling after Moubarak has stepped down. Many injustice happened starting from military trials for civilians, referendum on constitution or president first, and not putting a clear roadmap.
Post about protests against SCAF on the 1st memory of 25th Jan Revolution: 25th Jan reloaded

Army now, which has not the same function sa the SCAF, put a roadmap although without a clear timeline. At least, the power now is with an interim civilian president and the roadmap they announced was after consulting the different parties. 

Opposition failed the people because they were not united. They tried many times to do something but they failed. Tamarod campain was able to reach those we call the couch party (7ezb el canaba) because they were not affiliated to a certain party, they offered the people a way to express their discontent for the failure of the whole system and their feeling of being discarded.

The MB were wrong acting for their own benefits and not for Egypt. Some of them posting hatred & violent messages along the past year, defending everything with force & the arm.
They did good job to win in different elections but the way they were acting did them more harm than good. 
They made deals with old regime (with Omar Soliman) and with SCAF (celebrating 25th Jan in Tahrir Square while people in the street chanting against SCAF).

People who supported Morsi and feel that they were betrayed because this is against their will and their votes. I agree, you have all the rights because we should use the system and stick with it. I wanted Morsi to ask for a referendum or call for earlier elections but he didn't.

People who went in the streets on 30th of June, asking Morsi to leave were even more than those who voted for him. Whatever their motives or reasons are, they feel that we can't continue with Morsi.

Why some of the accused people in crimes were released by the president? Why in Sinai there are now attacks army and police with weapon? This raises a lot of questions.
Why in the celebration of 6th October 1973 victory the killer of El-Sadat was among the audience?

The general prosecutor was deposed wrongly by Morsi but i believe he should be go away.
The general prosecutor that was assigned by Morsi did a lot of things mostly against activists which raises a lot of questions.
There should be a new general prosecutor chosen in the legal ways.

Closing some channels without legal ways is wrong even though some of these channels were broadcasting hatred messages. 

Arresting any person, inlcuding MBs should be only based on legal ways. So, whoever is in power should come clean to the people and state why people are arrested.

The main issue is that the will of the people is the source of power. Democracy is not just winning elections but listening to everybody which Morsi failed to do, on purpose or not and acting as president for all Egyptians.
Democracy is a big word that we are still trying to assimilate but we need to listen to each other, understand the motives and discuss together to reach the best solution for all.

Everybody did mistakes (Opposition, Morsi, MB, SCAF, Army, Police...). It's normal because this is life. But what's important is to learn from these mistakes and work together for the good of Egypt.

The current roadmap proposed by army. If they really stick with it then I believe this is the way out for Egypt from the situation we are stuck in for more than 2 years now.
- Interim president for this transition period
- New government. I believe the majority agrees that the government of Hisham Kandil was incompetent and there were many people calling for its change but it was not
- Suspension of constitution till adjusting the articles with big concerns (already Morsi promised to change these articles but didn't take any actions but words)
- Prepare a law for parilamentary elections
- Parliamentary elections
- Early presidential elections

Finally I believe that justice shall prevail no matter what.
i believe in only peaceful ways. 
Let's not forget the revolution first demands in 2011: Bread, Freedom & Human Dignity.
I have faith in Egypt & Egyptians.
God Bless Egypt!

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