Tuesday, October 25, 2005

i'm leaving tomorrow.i'm going to the Gabon for work. i don't know yet when i'll return exactly. i'll try to post every now and then about this experience.
just one funny thing to say. Gabon is situated in south west africa, on the equator. to go there, i have to go to france and to go to france i'll pass by italy. it is just transit but still, i have to go round to arrive to my destination. and this is like life, sometimes we have to pass by stages away from the final destination but there is no other way to shortcut.
i don't know why i always try to say something philosophic, maybe just a habit :)
yalla... post u later (= c u later)


  1. All the best for the journey. Do keep us posted about your adventure.


  2. If I was going to Gabon...I would be philosophic about it too :)