Thursday, October 06, 2005


usually i have something to read in the bus of the work and since it is now ramadan, the way back takes more time. yesterday, i forgot to take the book i'm currently reading so all i had to do is to watch from the window or to sleep a little. while watching, it came to my mind this topic, smiles.. i noticed that all the people in the street, especially the drivers (whatever they drive car, microbuis, taxi.. ) are not smiling and seem lost. i don't know is it cos of ramadan and fasting or it is the normal. i began to think, why we don't smile all the time? it is such a nice thing to see, the pure smile. maybe cos of life, nothing to smile about. or if someone is alone so he is taken into thoughts which are probably more concerns about life or cos we got used to that face, of no expressions.
let us fight to get back smiles into our life :)


  1. "Peace begins with a smile!"
    (Mother Teresa)

  2. i wonder where i heard that before!!

  3. Hi Marianne, you know, smiling all the time was one of my problems. I was smiling all time but lots of people even my dad is trying to make me stop this "bad habit"... Most of people consider smiling decrease the respect of others... but for me I see "Smile is the shortest distance between two hearts" I have acquired lots of friends with my smile, I gained lots of patients who feeled sympathy in my smile, & I was thought by my teachers to be so clever (...) Keep smiling till the world smiles back to you