Monday, October 17, 2005


  • 1st day of ramadan, no traffic officers early morning
  • finish work early
  • trip to home takes more time then on regular days
  • people want to go to home as early as possible
  • people don't want to work, it's a general feeling.
  • tv shows one series after another, all u have to do is to change the channel from 1 to 2 and from 2 to 1 (i only watch 1 or 2 or not at all)
  • children playing in the street (they do in summer and in ramadan)
  • people sleep very very late
  • children playing with "bomb" (not bomb as the word in english, it is an arabic word for the little small thing they throw in the street and makes a small boum)
  • concerts everywhere (i go to at least one event per week)
  • too much food from all kind
  • lamps or "fawanis" ramadan everywhere (small or huge, poor or rich, u find it everywhere)
  • before start of ramadan, people go shop for much food as if there would be a famine
  • the only time i see a lot of people reading in the transportations which is not common on normal days


  1. As you may see, we have some good habbits in Ramadan which have to be done in the whole year as well. and there are some bad habbits that have to be stopped

  2. I wish I was there to experience the serenity of the pious month. Perhaps, would instill more committment in me. Here, how the month passes, one hardly notices.Pee


  3. I didn't intend to write the last word, i don't how it got there. Does it want to give some message to me.


  4. i am sorry, maybe all what i wrote about bad habits but i didn't mean it. there are a lot of good habbits during that holy month and i wish it could continue all the time.

    welcome wasif to my blog. i guess the important is what we feel inside not what is shown everywhere cos sometimes we are lost with the mainfestations and we forget the essential