Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Finally in Rio

I finally arrived in Rio before yesterday. It was a long trip, taking around 20 hours! But as soon as I arrived I felt as if transported to another placed time. I met a group of friends that I already know couple of months ago on whatsapp. It was so great to finally meet face to face.
Yesterday was very tyring because we had to get our volunteer kit. Arrived at the place at 12h30 but it was so crowded that we couldn't get our kits till 6pm as they were out of stock. It was so frustrating to wait all that time for nothing but still it was not that boring cos we were meeting people from all around the world, taking photos, chatting.. so after all that had to look for the place where I will sleep the next 2 weeks. Luckily was not lost and the girls who are with me are so nice.
Today we went back to get our volunteer kit and it was much better than yesterday as we didn't wait a very long time. After that around 30 of us went to a restaurant for lunch. It is unique as you pay according to the weight of the food but it seems that there are other restaurants like that in Brazil. I also tried assai which is kind of fruit.
After lunch we went back to the cathedral to attend the opening mass of volunteers. It was mainly in Portuguese but a friend was helping I translation. It was nice but the one in Germany in 2005 was more impressive as it was in a stadium
Tomorrow we will have our first training. I hope it will be nice and that I will have time to visit a little in Rio

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