Saturday, January 21, 2012

A year ago

A year ago, I wasn't sure about lot of things in my life. I am still not sure about everything but at least I did learn something. 
A year ago, I didn't dream of a revolution, just some protests and that's it.
A year ago, I didn't believe that there are still Egyptians who care about their country and dream of a better one.
A year ago, I thought I knew a lot about history then I discovered a lot I didn't know about.

A year ago, I was considering to leave the country.
A year ago, I thought most of my friends were only interested in trivial things.
A year ago, I didn't believe I would have the courage at all to go on the streets.
A year ago, I didn't understand how God acts sometimes.
A year ago, I took the decision to not let myself carried away with my feelings.

Today, I am still not sure about my life but I know that I have faith in it.
Today, I dream to continue the revolution till the end and not leave it die in our hands.
Today, I know there are many Egyptians who sacrifice everything for the sake of our future.
Today, I know that history is not just what is written in books which might be totally wrong.
Today, I want to stay in my country cos I want to be part of it.
Today, I know that trivial things are not that important anymore and living a revolution did change a lot.
Today, I know that I still don't have all the courage to go on the streets when the things are going tough but at least I got some courage some times.
Today, I know that God is not all the time understandable but I trust him.
Today, I am keeping my promise to myself.

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