Monday, January 16, 2012


Disappointed, is all i can say.
Not cos of El-Baradei withdrawing from presidential elections.
Not cos of the so called gas crisis
Not cos i'm having hard times at work.
Not cos the revolution is struggling for its survival.

Disappointed cos no matter I pretend I don't care about little things, I actually do.
Disappointed cos I wait for others to treat me as I treat them.
Disappointed cos I wait a "how do you do" when i'm off beat without me saying a word.
Disappointed cos I feel l am not as trusted as I trust others. This is what hurts the most.

And after all those disappointments, I try to look for excuses for what is pretty clear.
I try to forgive as I always end up to do.
I tell myself that it wasn't meant to be and it's just the circumstances.
I know i'm fooling myself for a while to the next disappointment.

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