Tuesday, January 24, 2012

On the verge of a 2nd Revolution?

Tomorrow is the 25th of January. One year after our revolution. One year has passed with martyrs, military trials, injured people, lies, dirty politics.. Are we going to witness another revolting day? Are people willing to shout one more time, in loud voice, we want BREAD, FREEDOM and JUSTICE?
I wish I can have the answers or predict what would happen but I can't. I wish I can see where we are going but we are still in the dark. I hope I can go tomorrow and say it's enough. I want to see the change in my country. I want to feel the wind of change and get power and hope from others.
Tomorrow is an important day. If you decide to go on the streets or stay at your home, it's your call. But just don't forget all the sacrifices that have been done, not only in the revolution but before that.
Long live Egypt!

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