Monday, January 09, 2012

Back in action

Today, with no specific reason, was checking some of my early posts in my blog (back to 2005).
I used to write a lot. I don't know why in the last few years, i'm no longer posting as I used to. Is it due to the new social medias like facebook?
I used to write about things I feel or see, now mainly I just update my status. Not sure if it's the way things were going, or cos easier or it reaches more friends. Or maybe i just wanted to leave all behind.
I miss my blog, i miss writing, i miss getting comments from unknown people who just happened to pass by. And most of all, I discovered that reading those posts back, reminded me of who I used to be. It has something which is part of me, good and bad memories, feelings, special moments.
So, here i'm, i'm officially back to my blog and I shall keep it more alive hopefully.

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