Saturday, January 22, 2011

Please WAKE UP!!!

So, everybody now is talking about the protests to be held next week... it is natural that some would agree and some wouldn't for various reasons, starting from the believers who think it is the right of people to express their opinion and demand for their rights till the no opinion people who don't think about anything as it is all just talks in the air..

in the midst of all that, i was surprised to see that the Coptic Orthodox Church is asking their followers to stay at home and pray!!! First what is the authority of religion on their believers, and what is the authority of the country on its people? It is the authority of the people on themselves that really matters. I am not waiting for someone to tell me do this or do that. I respect the law for sure but at the same time, i have my rights to think and do whatever i see suitable for me..

Yesterday i went to the Old churches area with a friend to take photos and i was chocked that we were denied the entrance of the area cos we are Egyptians who are not Journalists and who don't have a permission from the Church to take photos? I still don't believe what i just wrote... Do they really think that this is for the best interest of the country? that this would prevent attacks and accidents? what about we, the common people feeling denied a simple right in our own country? didn't they think of that impact? that facing situations like this would make us consider staying or leaving?

Another incident happened also to a friend yesterday. being trapped at the exit of Port-Said cos everybody on duty was attending the prayer and after finally passing and wanting to make a complaint, the response was even more sarcastic than the situation itself..

I am wondering, what would be next?


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