Sunday, January 02, 2011

I am out of words

I may not be touched as everyone is, i'm not changing my profile picture, i'm not putting some quotes or verses in my status, i'm just keeping quiet... quiet cos when you are already in the middle of something, you can't focus on other's grief.. when you are wondering what tomorrow will bring, bad or good news, you can't just share people's feelings of disbelief, of slogans, of...
it's like i'm in another planet. I am not saying is that i'm not touched cos what happened is touching but at the end what is life when we disrespect the simplest rule of living? what is life when money, religion or whatever else becomes a goal to reach whatever the consequences are?
I can't feel grief cos i'm already grieving inside. I can't feel sympathy to the victims cos i'm a victim myself. A victim of long wars, tearing apart countries, cos of stupid people who care nothing about the consequences of the people living out there. A victim of having a part of my identity stolen cos of decisions changing the course of entire generations... and where does it lead us? presumed freedom? long forgotten justice? I don't think so.
I have mixed feelings i didn't have before, i feel powerless and nothing in my hands. I feel empty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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