Monday, January 17, 2011

My 2010 at a glance

I'm not the type of person to live in the past but 2010 was for sure one of the best years ever so I decided to take few moments and think of what i really liked the most.. maybe it would give me hope in 2011 which i really need these days.. so let's start

Getting lost in Helwan trying to reach the Japanese garden and using my GPS for the first time.. technology is quite useful, specially in a country where people tend to help you even if they don't really know the answer

My 1st real accident.... on Valentine's day... thank God it ended up something little but the accident itself was kind of scary
My car was flooded, ok i'm exagerating a little... it was raining too much that day and i forgot to close my car window so.. you can imagine how my seat was after few hours :)

First time to experience hiking in the mountains, outdoors camping... it was a great trip, although challenging sometimes and i ended up with great old/new friends

Trying Sandboarding
Spending a little vacation at Sharm El-Sheikh with my friends

Going to Yemen for a short business trip and trying Shisha for the first time!!!

Going to Sinai in 3 out of 4 weekends for hiking
Travelling for the first time driving my car (driving 700Km and 12 hours during 2 days!!)
Starting to play squash

Camp formation de T.A... back to the roots.. a changing experience for me and the girls
Having stiches on my head

Chopin @ the Pyramids
Starting the non-stop working mode (till now :( )

Discovering the Catacombes and Kom El Sho2afa at Alexandria
Losing in the competition after 10 months of hard work!!!

Having some great and unexpected news!!!!! Was a great surprise.. still to keep my promise to my friends ;)
Watching 3 movies within the same week (from the European Movie Festival)

Back to "Journee de Nettoyage" after 10 years from being first promotion to start it... cleaning the school from inside and outside.. although it was a challenge this year as there was sandstorms, the girls had high spirits and happy about what they were doing

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