Friday, January 14, 2011

Personal Tribute to Aida

It is my 5th time to attend Opera Aida yet, it was like seeing it with totally different eyes.
I know already the music, the story.. but yet it still has its own charm.

I remember the first time, some 5 years ago, i was astonished and dazzled with all the music, costumes, lights... and the duration too (first time ever to attend a show in 4 acts!).
I didn't really follow the story at that time, just fascinated with everything on stage and enjoying my friend's presence.

2 years ago, i wrote the following after watching it for the 2nd time.
Watching it again and again, I don't feel or think the same way as once i did but these few words "it's about living the moment" make me reconsider my life during the last couple of years... I don't remember if this was the triggering moment, taking the decision to enjoy my life and really live every moment as it comes.. i might not be successful doing this all the time but looking back i feel that this is what i tried and still try to do. Not to be afraid to try something new cos it is out of the ordinary, not to plan everything in my life as I usually like to do, but to just live the moment as it comes.. ending up doing lot of things in one day which were not totally planned, travel and discover new places with some people i meet for the first time, breaking rules...

last year, went twice for Aida, at the Opera and the Pyramids..
The pyramids experience was different... cos you don't have this sensation of being at the Opera.. some spectators even were ruining this feeling of watching an Opera.. the only thing i enjoyed is that for the first time i'm not distracted to read the translation in arabic, just listening to the music as it is...

and finally, my 2011 Aida.. splendid as ever.. feeling more the power of the actors and their role in the story without focusing on the story itself.. feeling the music telling the story, when there is action, when there is romance, when there is sadness... wondering how composers can translate a story into music, and it is the music that tells the story at the end, even if you don't understand the words.. this is the magic of Aida

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