Sunday, July 10, 2011

From El-Tahrir to El-Minya

The 220km jurney between Cairo and Minya standing in the small corridor between 2 train wagons was one of the most interesting time i had recently.
I will try to summarize some of the conversations that took place during the 3-4 hours

the main actors (passengers) and their alias for the sake of the story telling
- a guy from Sohag who was returning back to propose for marriage => el se3idi
- a civil engineering student orginally from Minya but living in Cairo => the student
- a forced army guy, saying little although he knows too much => army man
- a reporter => reporter
- 2 friends that i just made their acquaintance earlier, the 3 of us heading to Minya for giving a political awerness session
- a guy who was against revolution and protests => mr.pessimistic

Scene 1:
El se3idi was telling that once he was taken by police and was hit all night and from that time he never had any encounter with them. He and his friends were beaten a lot, having the hands tied to a table. The student also told his own police encounter, at the university when one day he slapped a security guard (amn markazy), as he refused him to enter with the car inside the university although having a permit and he insulted his dad...

Scene 2:
The guy from Sohag was discussing with 2 people gathered around him about the current situation in Egypt. He said he was muslim but against Muslim Brotherhood and was arguying with him saying that revolution brought only unstability and lack of security. The engineering student brought up a story of a policeman who was on the road with his wife and was stopped by thugs who asked his wife to step out of the car. So he told her go out, and then he took off his gun and shot the thugs and left. The arguing guy was saying this is what the revolution has brought to the country

Recap (17/01/2012): There were too many stories, i didn't complete this post back then so I will stop here.

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