Monday, August 15, 2011


After having a small discussion with a friend, I tried to remember how many crazy things have i done in my life and to what extent..

First, to define what is craziness. Is it doing something crazy which is outside the norms? and who defines those norms? Is it in relation with the society living in it? So doing something could be normal for some people in some society, could appear abnormal and crazy for others..

Here are my top crazy things in my opinion, in the last 10 years (order doesn't reflect anything)

1. Go in a lake with cloth on and actually stumbling and falling in the water :)

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2. Go in the desert after work for few hours to watch shooting stars
not to mention not having appropriate cloth for the cold (was freezing), not fueling the car which was already giving an alarm for low fuel.

3. Go alone at night to the Cairo Tower to shoot the lunar eclipse

4. Spending several 3 weekends in a month hiking in Sinai mountains

5. Trying new food like porc-epic

6. Expressing my love (Based on experience, as the consequences are not always as expectations, not going to try it again)

7. Assisting Aida every year (the 6th time coming soon)

8. Driving 700Km , 12 hours in 2 days

9. Venturing alone in Old Sanaa, Yemen (applicable to other places too)

10. will keep it for myself ;-)

Note: I just completed this post last night (16/01/2012)
Thinking about crazy stuff is not easy after all!!!

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