Saturday, June 12, 2010

Simply... a forgotten feeling

What a joy to reconnect with yourself, to simply forget anything and look to your own hands, playing like a child, trying to create something out of nothing, something that speaks of yourself, that says this is yours and only yours. Nothing else is comparable to it nor similar, it is unique and has even more value for you cos it is simply your creativity.
I've forgotten this joy and happiness, long time ago did i grab a pen or colors to draw, or make any bricolage... and suddenly out of nowhere, it was there before me, clay and pottery and a chance to make something out of it... although i had to get help, and it was not that easy, but i feel proud of what i've done. it may not be perfect, it may not be that pretty, but for me it's something more, it's the long lost dream, the forgotten joy, that life had carried away....
My only wish is to take it as a start and not an ending...

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