Sunday, November 21, 2010

At the wrong wedding

Few days ago, i was invited to a wedding of school friend whom i have not seen since very long time. I arrived 10 minutes late and the ceremony was already on going. I was surprised as normally the bride comes late... but I was even more surpised when i stepped in the church. First, the attendees where not what i was expecting, and i felt like a stranger, dressed up like that while the people where much more simpler... I tried to have a good place to see the bride and groom but I was seeing only their profiles, so I was watching the ceremony on the big screen. But.... the bride didn't look like my friend.. i was thinking maybe she changed, you know how you could look differently with all that make up, specially at your own wedding.. I knew it wasn't her but I wanted to be certain, at least to check if I was in the right church. And yes, i was at the right church, at the right time but at the wrong wedding... all that time inside the church was trying to think what if it wasn't her and i stayed till the end and i go to greet them... or when i was taken in the video, what would they say seeing someone they both dont know..
I stayed till i heard the priest pronouncing the name of the bride and groom which was different as i was expecting and this was the final confirmation that i was definitely in the wrong wedding so i decided to leave it.
I went outside and then saw lot of people standing at the main gate of the church. This time they seemed the type of people I was expecting to be attending the wedding... and yes, moments later, i saw the bride, in the car.. waiting for her turn to get married.
What a funny and unexpected evening :-)

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