Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hiking experience

I had the chance to experience the adventure of hiking in Sinai. It all started by an invitation to join a hiking trip to El Galt El Azraq. I was tempted to join in as i love to explore new places and also to try something different and it turned out to be one of the richest experience i had.
I discovered a lot about myself , that i had more endurance than i thought, based on my previous experience in Bahareya Oasis a year ago. I met new people i didn't know before and we lived together a 3 wonderful days although our differences and our hiking experience. Everybody helped others, whether in climbing, sharing water, sharing needed stuff (like the needle and the brick needed to carry on the little operations of blowing off the little bubbles on our feet).
The only thing i really missed during this trip is that although we were hiking in one of the beautiful places, my mind was not there to contemplate this beauty and we didn't have much time to just sit and watch what is around us, as we were always on the move catching up with time, and i was so focused on the hiking itself, to watch out from making a bad move.
I loved watching the stars shining in the sky at night, camping in the outdoors, drinking from waterfalls, seeing the flowers and the trees flourishing in the mountains.
The most difficult was to challenge myself, to go beyond the limits that the mind can draw, and it is then when i discovered that these limits were fake, that i can do more than i could imagine. It is strange how the mind can hold you from a lot of things and bind you even just trying something. Life is so rich but we only need just a little bit of will to go further.
Also, one of the things that i liked is that i discovered more about my personnality through my friends. Sometimes it is hard to see myself through my own eyes, and that's when you need other people to tell you more about you.
So this is an invitation for you to look for more than you can see, and believe me, you'll discover that life can give you much more than you can imagine.

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