Monday, February 01, 2010

The day after

Why i can't feel happiness like everybody because our national team won the Afrcian Cup of Nations again breaking records? Why all i can see in the morning is the garbage in the streets after people celebrating all night? why do i feel sad, just after 10 minutes of the last whistle and holding the cup? I don't care if we had lost, of course happy that we won but if we had lost, i wouldn't be so sad. I feel that we forget far more important things in our life and we just think of winning a game. And now what, we won the cup and then? What about tomorrow, what about the day after?


  1.'s not that weird!
    I felt the same. I am sure many others did as well.

  2. Anonymous20/2/10 17:54

    I share the same feelings with u. There is no meaning for that winning as long as the rest of our life is shit. What would any of us benefit from winning that game? do we now have cleaner water? less polluted food or air? cleaner streets? more jobs? of course not ... but more abscent minds