Wednesday, December 23, 2009


In the adventure of discovering new movies, out of the current trend of movies played in the cinemas, Agora was the one who caught most my attention.

It is a movie directed by Alejandro Amenábar. The story takes place in ancient Alexandria, about a woman, Hypatia, who was a scholar, avid for science and teaching. What is the most striking about this movie is that it can the every day story, no matter when, who or where. The long fight between the fanatism and the believes. How everything can be manipulated in such a way that at the end, we forget what is the origin of all things. When the love for religion becomes fight for supermacy, the differences between people emphasis the distances and search for glory becomes the main concern.

Shouldn't we learn from history... that history that we neglect and we only remember the facts like the date of the wars or the name of the kings and queens... but what about the history of the people who lived? how people where thinking and coexisting with as much diversity as nowadays? we know nothing, although this is what we ought to know in order to undersand better the past and the present. I'm not saying we should learn from the past but that we should look at it from another point of view, a more human view than a historical one.

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