Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Ressemblance and Diversity

We share the same continent, yet we are different.... not the same language, not the same color, not even the same religion and yet, we discovered although these differences, we do share one small thing (beside working in the same company) which is Hibisicus, herb used to make a red colored drink or more commonly knows as Karkade in Egypt and Bissap in Senegal.

If we don't try the "other" things, we miss the experience and we miss the discovery of the resemblance. I think this is what is lacking in our world. If we try what's different, we might feel that we are more alike. If we care to know something that might be insignificant like the local name of a local drink, our perspective would have change.
But as every thing else in our world, we are afraid from "what is not like what we know" and we don't even have the urge to do try something new or different cos we are more comfortable with what we know already. and this lead us to live in a bubble, not daring even to see what's outside and the bubble becomes blurry till we can't even see what is just under our nose.

from wiki: different names in different places
It is also known as meśta/meshta on the Indian subcontinent, Tengamora in Assam,Gongura in Telugu,chin baung in Myanmar, กระเจี๊ยบ krajeab in Thailand, bissap in Senegal, Guinea Bissau, Mali, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Benin andNiger, the Congo and France, dah or dah bleni in other parts of Mali, wonjo in the Gambia, zobo in Nigeria (the Yorubas in Nigeria call the white variety Isapa (pronounced Ishapa)), karkade (كركديه; Arabic pronunciation: [ˈkarkade]) in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Sudan, omutete in Namibia,sorrel in the Caribbean and in Latin America, Flor de Jamaica in Mexico, Saril in Panama, rosela in Indonesia, asam paya or asam susur in Malaysia. In Chinese it is 洛神花 (Luo Shen Hua) .


  1. Well ... i love the topic ... it is one of the thoughts I usually recall whenever i travel.

    I have tried many things during my travels and i loved them all, but i had a limit i had to stop at. it is ok to try local beer or local dish (Crocodile for example). but for instance i could not eat the dish of black snails they ordered for me as an appetizer in Congo :)

    interesting that hibiscus has soo many names !

  2. Yeah , I totally agree, I was always saying that i would try everything that won't kill me from the first time, I can't say I liked all my experiences, but at least it revealed the mystery of the unknown and made it familiar and categorized in either wanted or rejected