Monday, March 20, 2006

surprising scene

few days ago, i was in a taxi in dokki and the street was a little crowded, so we were moving with moderate speed. we crossed by a woman, in a wheel chair, opening the driver's door to enter.
i was happy to see that. i know that there are not a lot of facilities for the disabled (almost inexistant) so i was suprised and at the same time i was excited about it so i'm sharing this with u cos instead of her disability + the lack of facilities in the country, she was able to drive a car. if i saw the same woman in another country, i wouldn't be as much surprised as to c her in cairo.


  1. I've started seeing the yellow taxis, City Cab, since last Friday. It's a bright thing, I guess it'll start changing things in Cairo. I've realized that the normal black and white taxi drivers now have become more polite. Perhaps they are afraid frmo the competition.

  2. well i didn't c one yet.. but this taxi driver, was telling me how he saw one of them and was looking to it in a way that the yellow cab driver asked him if there's something.
    i asked the taxi driver if they r going to be affected by, he said that not much cos they r a little expensive for short rides but for long rides they'll be fine.. then he began speaking about an arab who wanted to take the taxi from roxy to el 3attaba with 3LE only!!! the driver was extremely nice all the way, he even apologized to someone cos he just came near him suddenly.
    it was one of the rare times i enjoyed taking a taxi (i don't use taxi much)