Tuesday, March 14, 2006

My New Blog

i'll post in the new blog events (concerts, exhibition... ) in egypt and it will be updated weekly.
i got this idea cos i receive a lot of mails about events or read in the newspaper... so i guess it would be nice if everything is gathered in one place.
i started by putting music events... starting from next month, i'll add other events such as exhibitions, conferences...
i hope u'll enjoy it.
here is the link: http://eventsinegypt.blogspot.com/


  1. manalaa.net already has an event calender where anyone can contribute check it out @ http://www.manalaa.net/event and use this form to add your events http://www.manalaa.net/node/add/flexinode-4

    it tends to have political events but it's open to all sorts of things.

  2. thanks alaa for the notice

  3. congratulations :)

    you are now of the rare people who maintain more than 3 blogs !!

    I checked it, great effort by the way