Wednesday, March 15, 2006

30 September 1945

This is an extract from the journal of Dr. Michihiko Hyachiya, a Japenese doctor who was in Hiroshima when the 1st atomic bomb in the world was dropped, the 6th of august 1945.
in his journal, he writes about what he felt, what he observed (it was the 1st time to see such symptoms for radiation, they didn't know what was it at first), as a doctor and as a survivor.
this is extract is a converstion between the doctor and an american soldier who was visiting the hospital, after the japense emperor had announced the defeat and americans began to arrive in the city.

30 September 1945
... one of them standing near the window said suddenly,
- and you what do you think about the bombardement?
- i am buddhist i answered, and since childhood i was taught to resign. I lost myhome and my health but i consider myself a lucky man because my life and my wife's were preserved.
- i can't share your sentiments, said the young american soldier. in your place, i think i would make a lawsuit to the responsible country.
He was still there for a moment, contemplating the ruins before leaving.
Longtime afterwards, i had the feeling hearing him saying: "making a lawsuit to the country... making a lawsuit..."
i had the feeling that that these words will remain incomprehensible forever.

P.S. i translate this from french
it was published in Science & Vie no 1055 August 2005

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