Monday, January 19, 2009


Our life has been shortened to an S.M.S which stands for Short Message Service. Yeah it's too short that it's the favourite way to say Merry Christmas or Happy Birthday and now even for any little event that we didn't use to care about.... it's just an SMS, sent to bunch of people, carrying no feelings, just some wishes or greetings and that's it... It's a good invention, for example when being in a meeting and need to tell a friend about something without disturbance, or when abroad and want to say hi to a friend to make him smile but certainly not to be the only way to wish friends a nice time.
i decided few years ago not send greetings through SMS. It's too impersonal. I would rather call my friends and hear their voice than typing few letters and press send...
Let's never forget that living in a tech world should not draft us away from humanity... let's get back to the old fashion world...
still, you can always send me S.M.S, with a nice word that would make me leave everything else and smile for a second or two.... :)


  1. thanks Fady... it's good to see that there are still people following up my blog even if i post now on facebook, but i post here first :)