Saturday, January 24, 2009

Love kills and resurrects

Aida, the famous Opera by Verdi, is all about Love. The love of country, the love of parents, the love of life.... the love of suffering.
As the stories goes by, we discover that the different loves struggle all together. The soldier defend his country till the last drop of blood, the daughter loves her father and obeys him even if on the account of her love... a person will think first that this is the reality, that one will sacrifice everything for his country and family but.... that's where we are wrong. True love triumphs at the end, even by death. It is not about living happily ever after, it's about living the moment knowing that the other person is just right here, breathing the same air, living and dying... The moment that it is found, nothing else matters, but really what matter more is declaring it and not keeping it for ourselves, just cos being afraid for the consequences, or waiting to be 100% sure but when this moment arrives, it may be too late...
The opera may be tragic specially at its end, but worth to see and live for the few hours outside our world, in a world of love.

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