Friday, December 15, 2006

xmas spirit

i don't know why i feel happy. maybe it is the xmas spirit.... anyway it feels good.
hope u catch it too :)


  1. Strange, u felt foggy yesterday and today u feel happy. Are you mody?!! :)

    Another point that could be obvious but get to my attention that u reference the bad feelings to the emptiness of yourself while reference the happy feeling to xmas. Isn't the opposite possible? The point is why do we see sadness comes from inside while happiness comes from outside?

  2. i'm not that moody, it is just sometimes when u see something, the hidden things that already exist come to the surface.

    who said that sadness comes from inside and happiness from outside? it all reflects what is inside the soul. sometimes the outside is only a trigger. you can see a comic movie but as you are sad, you can't enjoy it cos you feel some sadness.

    in few hours nothing changed, it is just that i felt full of happiness today, though it was almost like any other friday.
    what i meant by referencing to the xmas spirit is that i'm listening to the xmas songs, and i feel like i want to enjoy and sing :), we still didn't make the xmas tree nor any decoration yet.

  3. hay froggy...
    i replied ur idea to the group on my blog, for you dear..

    merry christmas my friend..