Thursday, December 14, 2006

foggy (not froggy)

this morning, while going to work in the bus as i do everyday, things were different. it was very crowded, we took longer time cos of the fog and the accidents (on the me7war).
it was very strange, to see fog so intense, even when looking through the window, i felt it, the air was whity, not clear.. i felt that it is like my life, i can't see what's ahead of me like this morning i couldn't see the adds on the sides of the road. the road exists, and we just roll on ahead, following the flow.. is life like this, following the flow, going on the one track that i can't see where it leads? then at the sudden, i discover myself in a totally strange place, not knowing how i arrived there, feeling lost. lost and stranger, in the middle of noisy life, not able to catch the singing of birds, the whistle of the wind. the wind travels from place to place, carrying all feelings of the earth, people, and living beings. it should carry hope, love and peace, but all i can see is a storm turning me upside down, or should i say it is the storm inside me. what is in me? all i see is emptiness, nothing. like the car on the road in the middle of the fog, i'm trapped in the emptiness of myself...

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