Wednesday, April 05, 2006

why falling?

I like to know about languages and stories behind words or sentences.
today, on my home from work, there was a lot of traffic so we took more time than the usual. a strange thought crossed my mind. the saying "falling in love" is the same in english, arabic and french. (usually expressions differ from one language to another).
i was thinking, why the verb "falling"? well, i believe that it is inapropiate cos when someone is in love, he is not falling but he is going on the opposit way, as if on a high cloud in the sky, so that he doesn't see what's under him. when you are in love, you are feeling like flying away from everything but not falling at all :).
also people say that when you love, you are free. i believe that it is not that totally true cos you could be liberated but still there are new bounds in your life (even if nice bounds), the simplest thing is that when you are in love, you are not alone, there is the other person, so as much as there is freedom, as much as that you become more attached.

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