Wednesday, December 07, 2005

a discovery

Have you ever been surprised when finding something u were looking for? what different emotions of happiness, satisfaction, maybe deception u may encounter.
I made a discovery today; i didn't discover the subatoms nor the kalakakili (i don't know what it is if it exits really).
Well, i found something that was lost, not a material thing, i found a little mp3 file of a piece i used to play years ago (exactly 7-8 years). u might say, and so what? first, it is a 1st movement of a sonata of mozart which i didn't remember its number and since it hasn't a specific celebrity name like the pathetique of beethoven (which by the way i play also) so it was a difficult thing to achieve.
but this is not all, not just a mp3 file downloaded, after listening to it, it made me rediscover my old feelings, just as soon as i heard the 1st notes, i knew i found it and by sudden, i remembered all of the piece (the melody i mean). i never thought that rediscovering old pieces i used to play would bring such joy, even if those pieces reminded me of exams and hard moments but i forgot all that difficult time and all that time spend to practice and the only thing left is the melody in my head. i'm even amazed that i used to play it.
so at the end of the day, i could sleep happy (of course this isn't the only reason but one of many).

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