Tuesday, December 13, 2005

10 things I miss

NOTE: the following are not in any order from most to least or vice versa.
1- eating eggs in all forms (i can't cook in the room at the hotel)
2- winter, feeling cold, my winter cloth (but not rain, got plenty here).
3- receiving sms from my friends when not expecting it all (since i can't receive sms from egypt).
4- my brother (fights or no fights, i just miss him, even if i know that these days he spends most of the day out studying).
5- the metro (crowded or not crowded)
6- the bathroom (just don't ask why)
7- talking (i become more quiet than i used to be for the persons who knows me from ong time)
8- piano (at least i listen to the pieces i like to play as if i play them)
9- my small little room and climbing on my bed (we have superposed beds and i still sleep up)
10- this is one for me ;)


  1. some face of a man huh? you must be a reall killer out there in Egypt your an engineer that's pretty good brotha! well i just saw your name cause i was looking throught terroism bloggs and your name look convincing but, just stopping thru and saying hey!

  2. Yamen Ahmad17/12/05 08:49

    Hello Froggy,, when i stay in UK for one month i miss the same things you miss,, but dont warry its matter of time (Specially the bathroooom)

    Good luck there,,,,