Friday, November 04, 2005


tIt has been a week since i arrived here, in Libreville.
I can’t say I really explored the country, I just go from work to hotel and from hotel to work, except on the week end, I went for a long walk, more than hour and when I go to eat with my colleagues or go to the supermarket.
The strange thing that I didn’t expect at all is that it is more expensive than in Egypt, like Europe or even more, almost everything is imported.
When going out of the supermarket, there is guy to mark the receipt u had paid, I don’t know what is the reason, but I noticed it in 2 supermarkets.
I ate fried bananas, they are really cool, it reminds me the ‘batata’.
People here take lunch break, they go out of offices, so during that, u can see a lot of cars in the streets (but still not that much compared to cairo).
Yesterday night, it was raining a lot, with thunder and lightening, and yet this morning, everything is calm, the sea is really peaceful.
I can see the sea from my room, it is a beautiful scene, it reminds me whenever I look that I’m miles away from home, like a small paradise.

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  1. the most rich trip (in meanings and emotions) is the one to the simple, as simple it is as rich it is

    have nice stay there :)