Monday, November 07, 2005

African proverb

Quand un arbre tombe, on l'entend;
quand la forêt pousse, pas un bruit.

When a tree falls down, we hear it;
when a forest grows, not a sound.
i received it today in my mail and thought to share it with u.
what do u think? waiting for ur comments.
I think that we always here about the bad things, but the good things, they are done in slience.


  1. Unique Quote. My interpretations might be pretty far-fetched; the strength and character of a tree, is not judged by length of its shadow but the depth and sturdiness of its roots. haha!

    Everyday, we build assumptions on individuals by hearsay bt never really knowing them in its entirety. IMHO.

    Pls, laugh or cry, which ever. :P

  2. well, that is an interesting interpratation (far of mine.. lol).
    but i agree with what u say.

  3. Hi Froggy,

    Nice Blog! I hope you are enjoying Ghana. It should be an interesting experience. For the quote my opinion is that falling like a tree is quick destruction. Growth is slow progress. Thus, something precious things might take a long time to achieve. Unfortunately, sometimes it can easily fall from your grasp very quickly.

  4. by the way, i'm in the gabon not ghana, but it is ok, both r in africa :)


  5. Ok it must be interesting to you.For that qoute it has alot to inspire.Natire dictate slow growth so to forests but rapid isn't healthy.
    So to success dear.