Friday, July 10, 2015

The inevitable change...

We are all familiar with the saying that Change is the constant thing in the world.. Everything around us is changing whether we feel it or not.
The earth changes its position, the plants go from one transformation to another depending on the season, even our mood changes from one moment to another.
However, when you feel too many changes in short time frame, you feel like going crazy!
Is it good or bad? what will happen? how it will impact everything? too many questions relative to the degree of uncertainty.

Recently I'm facing lot of changes, both external and internal. I can't describe what i feel, for some I feel annoyed, for others i feel excitement and for the rest, i can't tell my feelings.
The logic way to go face these changes is to embrace them and to think positively how to cope. But this is easy thing to say than do. Many of the changes, that we know about them ahead, are like a cloud you see from distance but you don't know its effect until you are underneath it and it showers you or give you a shade or make you feel gloomy.

The most difficult change to face is the one inside you. You can feel it growing, this sense of feeling something different that is not the normal you. Maybe feelings you forgot them, ideas that were once inside your head but disappeared in the busy world or even long forgotten dreams.
You can't control them and you remember how it was like. you wonder, will it go away like the previous times or it will evolve. You might be even excited but then you may think to resist the change inside you because it will change everything around you.

Looking back in the past 5 to 10 years, i can see how I really changed till reaching this moment. It is a journey through time with lots of ups and downs. For sure this is life and you need to evolve from one stage to another but sometimes i don't recognize myself.
I believe that the most important thing i learned is to live the moment. The past is over, the future is unknown and unpredictable. The present is what we can feel and see but if we miss it, we miss living for the present won't come  back again.

I don't know what will happen tomorrow, next month or next year. I don't know what if the past didn't happen, where i would be know. The only thing I know is that it's enough thinking too much about all that and to enjoy the present as much as possible for you might plan everything and then one unforeseen detail happens that changes everything and throw your plans away.
You can't control or predict the future but you can control your current moment by choosing what to do or not to do.
Yes change is inevitable and to go through it you have to liberate yourself from everything then you can live the transformation with all your heart and mind.
Listen to yourself, to your feelings and recognize all the signs of change for then you can deal with it. Otherwise, it will surprise you when you are least ready.

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