Friday, December 19, 2014

Why blogging is so hard?

Looking back at my posts in the previous years, it seems that in the past 5 years, the peak was 2012, one year after the revolution has started... but then my rate of blogging decreased once again.. 

Why is blogging is becoming so hard? Is it due to loss of interest, lack of ideas to share or just being busy?
I am so far away from beating my highest record, in my first year of blogging in 2005. I think that partially it is due to the diversity of social media. At that time, there were no much social media expansion.. there was the email, blog sites, flickr for photos and hi5 for those who remember it, long before facebook.

So having a blog was the main platform for sharing ideas, writing, shouting, talking.. but now, with the facebook, twitter, google+, linkedin just to name a few... the virtual space is so crammed with multitude ways for expressing oneself.

However, i feel that a blog is the most personal way to talk because you are not just expressing a status or feeling in a hurry or to show off, but rather you are taking some time to discuss something far beyond the usual social stuff.
It takes more effort to think of the idea, elaborate it, write it and finally hitting the publish button to see the light.

Once out there in the space, it will remain forever (unless you delete it).. you can go back and read it years later, remember those feelings and those memories.. sometimes you even forget that it ever existed!

So, i guess i came to one of my 2015 resolutions (4th in the list), reviving my blog once again and i hope this time i will succeed to keep it up alive!
It is time to go away from the fast world of facebook and return to the authentic spirit of blogging.

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