Friday, February 21, 2014

Hiking, a journey in life

The tragic event of a group of hikers caught in a snowstorm this week in the mountains of Saint Catherine in Sinai was a shock for the hiker communities. Lot of discussions, some blaming people including the hikers, the authority, the guide.. others trying to analyze what went wrong in order to prevents such tragidy. I couldn't help myself but remember my hikes in the mountains of Sinai.
What many people don't know what hiking is about and some even never knew that hiking existed in Egypt!. They could ask why people go up to walk in the mountains? I remember when i was telling my friends i'm going over the weekend to Sinai just to hike they were surprised why i would sacrifice my rest days to do something very tiring with people i might not even now. Their notion of a vacation is to go on the beach and do nothing but enjoying the sun and the sea.

My first real hiking experience was 4 years ago, March 2010. It was a hike to a place called El-Galt El-Azraq. It was supposed to be an easy hike but we discovered that it was more an advanced level, especially that we travelled after flood period so the guide had to change some of the trecks in our journey. I remember that I had to go beyond my limits, to walk the extra mile but reaching our destination was a big wow. I didn't imagine such beauty, in the middle of the mountains. I thought that it is all about mountains but i discovered another amazing world. This hike and others i did later showed me another face of the superb nature and the diversity we have in Egypt. Imagine to see waterfall or a lake, trees and gardens... rocks with different shapes and forms, untouched by humans. The smile of our bedouin guides, their warm feelings and their deep knowledge about the nature, about their worlds. The help of the hikers, some i met for the first time and others i already met. I remember when i discovered that the tent i had which belonged to my parents (was the first time for me to use) was not ok. So a friend invited me and my friend to share so we don't sleep outside. I remember at some diffiult places that we had to cross, there were many hands to pull you and catch you. I remember when on our way back it was getting dark and we were all tired but still everyone was taking care of the other and we were supporting each other. Hiking is a great experience by all means. It helps you to go beyond your limits and you feel actually you achieved something despite all the troubles. It make you trust the others and know that they will help you if you get in trouble.
And most of important of all, you see the beauty of the country that is not revealed to so many. You learn that outside your own world there is even a bigger and a greater one. you feel disconnected from your own fast life but you feel reconnected to yourself.

Hiking is not just a hobby, it's a journey in life. and you have to try it one day to see it with your own eyes because photos and stories are little compared to the reality. You have to experience yourself with all your senses and believe me it will be beyond your own expectations.

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