Sunday, November 25, 2012

Back to the streets

It took just few hours for people to decide to go to the streets, after the president had announced a consistutional law giving him supreme authority. Things are turning very quikly, yesterday marches, to Tahrir, clashes between protestors and police at some places, some Muslim Brotherhood headquarters in other cities set on fire (although i'm against that act). Yesterday, judges announced suspension of work till the presidents cancels his decree, a march being prepared on Tuesday...
I joined the march on Friday. I didn't feel the same thing as the one in the 25th Jan memory. Maybe cos I joined at the end so it was not that intense, maybe cos the numbers at Tahrir Square were not as I hoped for (for sure less than 25th Jan and Mohamed Mahmoud last year).
I know that we must to go the hard way, there is no choice. I hoped that some would learn from the past and work for the benefit of Egypt but it seems it's only power that they seek.
I wish for a better country for all. I might sound too idealist, or dreamy, to reach that without blood or pain but this is how revolutions are.
I am disappointed but I have faith. I read what i've posted back in January (25 Jan Reloaded). Yes it is true, that people won't stand still. As long as there are people who believes in justice and freedom the struggle will not end. God bless Egypt!!!

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