Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Aida encore et encore

I wasn't expecting myself to write one more time about Aida (Love kills and resurrectsPersonal tribute to Aida) but once again, i feel the urge to share my experience..
This time, the main leading role of Aida was performed by a new face, at least for me.. the past years, it was performed by the same cantata, at least all the shows i've attended. It was a new revelatation, to discover the same story told over and over again but with different interpretation. I suddenly realised that sometimes it is not just the story, the words or the scene, it is all about the performance. It can carry you from one place to another, from one feeling to another, just like that. You can feel the intensity of the drama and the feeling of the character are transmitted to you or you just enjoy the story and that's it..
Or sometimes, you are just caught in the routine of seeing the same performance with the same cast so you are so familiar to it that it seems all the same. All you need is a change to discover new dimensions or new perspetive.
And i believe this is true in everything in life, so break a habit, try a new thing, discover and explore and you might be surprised with what you find :-)

On other note, at a moment during the 3 hours show, i started to see Aida in our time. Aida who is so miserable and unfortunate by the defeat of her country, the capture of her father, her lover to marry the princess of Egypt but yet, she does what she feels is right even if against what others would see.. Amonasro, Aida's father who till the end believes that what he does for his country is the best and till the end he try to triumph against all odds and even after being defeated by the Egyptian army. Radames, who can't stand that he betrayed his country unintentionally and chooses to die and at the same time he feels that he didn't do any wrong and that the Gods would forgive him and is happy to know that Aida that he loves is still alive..
Life is not a fairy tale. We might not die physically as the the heros in the story but we sometimes live like we are dead. Do we really fight for what we believe in or we give up just like that? Do we feel satisfied with all what's happening even it is for the worse or we just complain and loose interest? Even Amneris, the princess who had it all except the mutual love from Radames, didn't loose hope and tried till the end to win him and save him from death. This is the perserverance that we sometimes lack. We sometimes give up from the first time thinking that's it, although if we give us more chances, we might or might not reach what we want. But at the end, it's the journey that makes it worthy, not the destination..This is what Aida and Radames did, they died at the end and for sure this is not they wished for but they died happily cos they were together and this is what was important.
So, enjoy the ride and the journey you are in, and don't just focus on the destination.

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